The Christian Brotherhood is:

A brotherhood and sisterhood of Christ's followers.  Jesus taught his disciples to give no thought to status or prestige and not to compete in rivalry for first place.  He preached love and true Christian brotherhood.  He taught his followers to live simply and not to take any titles such as father or rabbi(or reverend).

Christ's followers don't need buildings, wealth, worldly power or status to practice true Christianity.  The Christian Brotherhood would rather be a fellowship of the few that is faithful to God than one that makes great numbers its major concern (Matthew 7:14).

A fellowship of holy joy and peace in the Holy Ghost.  Those who have the peace of God can remain unshaken amidst the troubles of the world.  They are ready, if necessary, to suffer evil from others but not to inflict evil on anyone in return.

Neither do they covet the things of the world or run after money.  They call nothing on earth their own, but use their resources for expanding and building of the kingdom of God.  They are in the world but not of the world (John 17:16, 18:36)

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